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A series of unfortunate, horrible, terrible, heartbreaking, soulcrushing, nervewrecking, terror-instilling, gruesome, numbing and downright nasty events. (marrie)

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Neil en Amber jeweetzelluf.


The room where he had arranged the meeting was gross. That was the best word for it, though 'disgusting' worked as well. The floor was littered with tin foil, used syringes, condom wrappers and food leftovers, the smell was hard to pinpoint but truly bad and the only light came from a streetlight right outside the broken window, through which a chilly wind came.
Neil was early. Whenever he was dealing, he didn't mind making people wait, but this was important. To him. He had no guarantee this was a good idea, but he was running out of options fast.
He breathed out slowly. This was it.
He adjusted the glove that hid his prosthetic, out of habit. He then forced himself to sit down on a worn, moldy couch. If she didn't want to be in he still had other options, Keith for one, but most of them weren't the sharpest tools in the shed, so working with them would force Neil to adjust his gameplan.
He checked his phone. Not much longer. It felt like forever though, since he himself had been so early.


Een broodje met een onpasselijke kleur. Hm, hij ruikt een beetje gek.
(OOC: We hebben het begrip Engels besproken, hè Inge? ;a My first time. <3)

The sound of her heels in the hallways was deafening. It sounded like gunshots in the silent night. But something more worse then gunshots was moving through the hallways: it was Amber. She was late – but she didn’t hurry. She knew he’d wait for her. And if he didn’t…well, that would be his problem. Amber wasn’t the one who planned this meeting, she was only invited and she had no clue where it was about. But she was about to find out soon. Her hand reached for the heck, pulled it down and opened the door. She entered the room, but after she entered it, her face was clearly disgusted by the smell and the mess in the room. Amber raised an eyebrow, her eyes slipped through the room and found the one who wanted to meet up with her: Neil. “Funny” she said sarcastically “When I thought of your house, this was exactly how it showed up in my mind.” An evil grin appeared on her face. Ghehehe. She crossed her arms and looked at him, wondering why the hell he invited her in this messy room. If he wanted to get intimate with her, Neil was not very succesfull. But something inside her head told her that this was not the reason he wanted to meet up with her. “Besides from my incredible attraction, why the hell did you want to meet up with me?” she asked rude.


Her heels announced her arrival before Neil even saw her and he got up. He grinned when she spoke.
"I figured a place like this made for a good meeting place," he said indifferently. She came straight to the point and he smiled.
"Have a seat, this may take a while," he said. He sat back down on the couch again. "I'd offer you a drink, but I don't think that's particularly safe here." He leant back.
"As you know, I work for Akira. Mostly because I'm neckdeep in debt. When I lost my arm, he paid for the prothesis. High end stuff. Voice recognition, that sort of thing. Too good to be true of course, but you don't really refuse something like that when it comes from him."
He adjusted the way he sat.
"Point is, I had to pay him back. I got six years. But what I make off of dealing for him is hardly enough to provide a living, and the truth is, my time is running out. I'm not asking for your sympathy. I'm asking you to assist me in a more... permanent solution to my problem."
He studied her face, trying to gauge her reaction.


Een broodje met een onpasselijke kleur. Hm, hij ruikt een beetje gek.
“Then I was right” Amber said with a grin on her face “You don’t have any sense for style or good taste.” She moved further into the disgusting room, giving him a little wink. Amber thought jokes were a perfect icebreaker. Neil offered her a seat. Amber turned around, put her hand on the couch and swept her hand over the couch. The dust and dirt on the couch fell on the floor and with a disgusted look on her face she sat down, on the edge of the couch. When she was used to the dirt in the room, she leaned back a little and tried to relax, which seemed impossible by all the dirt in the room. Her dark eyes looked at him, as he started to speak. They didn’t show a reaction while he was speaking, so that he couldn’t know what she was thinking.

After he finished speaking, Amber laughed and shook her head, her hand going through her hair. “Well, I really didn’t expect this when I came to this death house.” She stopped laughing. She took a package of cigarettes and a lighter out of the pocket of her jacket. She lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. The smoke left her body through her nose and her eyes were set on him again. “Even if I was going to say ‘yes’, what’s in it for me?” Amber said sotfly “I mean, if you know me a little, you know I only do things that benefit me. And I don’t know how this is gonna benefit me, or are you gonna give me an explanation?” She raised her eyebrows, brought her cigarette to her mouth and inhaled deeply, while she was waiting for his answer.


Neil nodded slowly. Even if she was going to say yes. Didn’t sound too promising, but then again; he hadn’t come here thinking it’d be easy.
“A shameless discount for one,” he said casually. “But thing is, when he’s gone, someone’s gonna have to take his place. We wouldn’t want things to get chaotic now, would we?"
He observed her face for a moment. Did she know where he was going with this?
“See- I have zero interest in being the new one in charge. At all. Leadership’s all fine and dandy, but I want out of this mess. For good. When all this is over, I’m going to start anew. New life, new name, the whole shebang. No looking back. So I figured maybe you would be interested in some more power. Or you could always hand it to someone else and become indisposable to them. Akira holds a rather fancy position, I’m told."
He smiled mildly, as if he had just offered something small. Truth was, taking his place after his death probably wasn’t going to be as easy as he made it sound, but surely she could deal with that, if she really had all those connections she bragged about when they first met.
“What do you say?"


Een broodje met een onpasselijke kleur. Hm, hij ruikt een beetje gek.
Amber raised her eyebrows again. She listened to his proposes and considered the options. Power. Amber knew she was already a very powerful woman: she had her connections, she had money, she got everything she wanted. Discount. A nice discount could be interesting, but was she willing to risk her life for a damn ass discount? She wasn’t stupid. She brought the cigarette to her mouth again, inhaled and considered the options again. But when she was about to say “no”, another thought slipped into her mind. Wasn’t always bragging about the dullness of her life? Didn’t she always want action in her life? Her life was boring as hell lately, she didn’t do anything fun. Buying and selling drugs was about to get very boring, since everybody just brought their money. The conflict she had with Neil before was one of the things she thought was very funny.

She leaned back, threw the cigarette on the ground and stepped on in with her foot. “Okay, I’ll do it” she simply said and looked him in the eyes. She leaned forward. “But…” and she winked “on one condition. In this whole thing, you’re gonna see me as my equal. I’m nothing less then you, I’m nothing better then you, I’m just your equal. I’ll look at you the same way ofcourse. That’s it.” She leaned back again and looked at him, trying to get a reaction from him. “I’m looking forward to our little collaboration” she smiled and winked again “Who thought someone like you would ask someone like me for help?”

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